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Why are Shetland ponies so small?

       Shetland Pony

The little Shetland pony originated on the Shetland Islands, where a harsh climate and lack of food favored a small, tough animal.  These ponies are descended from normalized horses brought to the islands a thousand years ago.

The islands—rugged with long, cold winters—do not grow enough food for big horses with large appetites.  As the horses adapted to their hard like, they grew smaller in size.  By breeding only the smallest horses, people in the Shetlands have developed even smaller Shetland ponies.  Some are only 32 inches high.–Dick Rogers

What is the tallest dog in the world?

Tallest Dog

Did you ever see a dog that was almost as tall as a Shetland pony?

The Irish wolfhound is such a dog.  In fact, it is the tallest of all dogs.

A full-grown male Irish wolfhound may stand nearly 3 feet tall and weigh 140 pounds or more.

The dog’s rough, wiry coat may be gray, red, black, white or fawn.

The Irish wolfhound was traditionally used in Ireland to protect flocks of sheep against marauding wolves, as well as for hunting them—which tells us how the Irish wolfhound got its name.

Irish wolfhounds make gentle pets.

T as a hunter this large, powerful dog is more than a match for a wolf.

Hounds are hunting dogs and usually have a deep-throated bark.

Many hounds are named for the game they were originally trained to hunt.  There are many types of hound.  The deerhound, foxhound, and coonhound, as well as the wolfhound are some of the best-know.  – Dick Rogers