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How does a chameleon change its color?


The little, slow-moving chameleon is famous for changing colors.  Its color can change to yellow, green, brown, red or even black.

The chameleon’s ability to change its colors is not cuased by the color of its surroundings.

The chameleon has special cells under its skin which contain the coloring matter.

When it becomes frightened or angry, its reaction causes these coloring cells to become bigger or smaller, allowing the brighter or darker colors to show, and we see a color change.

Sometimes this quick change of color saves the chameleon’s life.  Snakes and birds like to eat chameleons, but they cant always see them.  Sunlight will also cause the chameleon to change color.

If it gets too warm or too cold it may change to a color that doesn’t hide it at all!  The usual color of the chameleon while it is resting is green or brown.

Some other lizards change colors, too, and many fishes can change their colors much more quickly than any lizard can change color. – Dick Rogers


What is a sea cow?

Sea cow are large water animals that look somewhat like seals.  “Sea cow” is the popular name for the manatee and dugong, which are sea animals that look somewhat like a large seals.

The sea cow is an awkward, slow-moving animal with no hind legs.  Its front legs are paddle-shaped and it has a broad, shovel-like tail.

A very large sea cow would weigh more than 1,500 pounds.   Sea cows prefer to live quietly in warm, shallow bays and coastal waters, and in certain large rivers.

Sea Cow

They feed on water plants growing in the shallow water, and are often seen in small herds, browsing like real cattle grazing.

Since they are mammals, they must hold their breath under water, and come to the surface often to breathe.

The mother sea cow feeds her baby mild.  The baby called a calf, is born under water.

The mother pushes her newborn infant to the surface for its first breath of air.  She carries the little animal on her back so that it is above water, then dunks it repeatedly until it learns to breathe correctly.  – Dick Rogers

What is a sloth?


A sloth is a curious, slow-moving animal that lives in the wet forests of South America.

The sloth has a small, roundish head and long, shaggy fur.  It spends most of its life hanging upside down, holding on to the branches of tree with its hooklike claws.

It does everything upside down.  As it hangs suspended from a limb, the sloth eats nearby leaves and buds.  It even sleep upside down.

Tiny green plants called algae often grow in the sloth’s long hair, making it hard to see in the trees.

The sloth is famous for the slowness with which it moves—its highest “speed” is only several feet per minute along a branch.

This slow-motion animal almost never comes down from its tree home,.  It can only creep along the ground with difficulty.

People sometimes use the word “slothful” describe a lazy person.  It is not hard to see why. – Dick Rogers