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What is a called blooded animal?

Cold Blooded Animal

Many animals such as fish, frogs, snakes and lizards are often called “cold-blooded,” as opposed to “warm-blooded” mammals and birds.

This does not mean their blood is always cold. Unlike warm-blooded animals, they do not have built-in temperature controls that keep their bodies evenly warmed.

Instead, their body temperature is usually near that of the surrounding air or water air or water.  The cold-blooded animal is hot in hot weather, and cold in cold weather.

Many depend on the sun for their body heat. Lizards, for example bask in the sun to warm their bodies.–Dick Rogers

How do snakes move?


Despite the fact that they have no legs, snakes are able to move and get along very well indeed.  Most snakes slither along in a serpentine motion—pushing against the ground and weaving forward in  a series of graceful, S-shaped curves.

Many large, heavy snakes crawl straight ahead like a caterpillar, pushing with their belly scales and humping along.

Snakes called “sidewinders” live in the desert where the sand is too loose to push against.   This kind of snake moves in a series of sideways loops.

Snakes climb well, too.  And, oddly enough, they all can swim. – Dick Rogers