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Why do mosquito bites itch?

Mosquito Bite

The itchy welt you get from a mosquito bite is caused by an irritating saliva that the mosquito injects into your skin.  When a mosquito “bites,” it stabs its sharp snout into the victim’s skin.  While biting, the mosquito injects saliva into the wound.  The saliva mixes with the blood and keeps it from clotting and clogging up the mosquito’s thin snout.

Most persons are allergic to the mosquito’s saliva, and an itching well forms on the skin.  Only the female mosquito feeds on blood.  When does so because she needs blood for the development of the eggs inside her body. – Dick Rogers

What does the Sawfish use its saw for?


The sawfish uses its saw like snout mainly to attack other fish to catch its food.

A sawfish looks like a big shark with a long, flat, saw like snout.

The “saw” of an adult sawfish is often 5 feet long, and is armed with sharp feet.  The sawfish uses its saw like snout mainly to catch it’s prey.

To get food, it attacks whole schools of fish, slashing left and right with its fearful weapon as it goes.  It then feasts upon the victims at its leisure.

The sawfish also uses its toothy snout to defend itself against strong enemies.

And the saw can also be used as a shovel for digging up shellfish and other food in the muddy sea bottom.

Because of its wicked snout, the sawfish is one of the most dangerous of all sea fish.  Even very young sawfish are dangerous.

Another interesting fish, also named after its long beak, is the swordfish.  The swordfish used its sword in much the same manner as the sawfish uses it saw. – Dick Rogers