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Can ducks swim without being taught?

Like all young waterfowl, ducks don’t have to be taught how to swim.  A baby duck knows how to swim as soon as it hatches from the egg.  The mother duck leads the ducklings to the water as soon as they can travel.

It will take a duckling six or more weeks before learning to fly.  During their first few months, the young duckling lives on water insects, grasses and other kinds of plant life.

Ducks and most other water birds have a special way to keep dry.  They use their bills to spread waterproofing oil over their feathers.  The oil comes from a gland near their tails.–Dick Rogers

Do swans sing only when about to die?


No.  the saying that a swan sings only when it is about to die is a myth.  This old idea came from the ancient Greeks, who believed that these graceful water birds were creatures of Apollo, the god of music.

Fabled as being voiceless during its lifetime, the swan was thought to possess the special powers to sing a song of great sweetness at the moment of its death, as a tribute to Apollo.

The myth has been memorialized by poets and composers for centuries.  Even today, an artist’s farewell performance or last piece of work is often called his “swan song.”– Dick Rogers