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What are a deer’s antlers used for?

Deer Antler

Deer have several uses for their antlers.  During the mating season, a buck or bull deer uses his big antlers as a weapon to fight other males for leadership of the herd and to win mates.

Any predator (such as a wolf) that dares to attack a deer is also likely to be hurt by the sharp antlers.

Nearly all male deer have antlers. Female caribou and reindeer (cows) are the only female deer that grow antlers.  During the long winter, when food is scarce, cows often use their antlers to push other cows away from the best feeding spots.–Dick Rogers

What are a cow’s horns made of?

Cow’s Horn

A cow’s horns are made up mostly of special growth of touch skin material called “keratin.”  The nails on your fingers and toes are made of this materials.  So are the claws and hooves of animals.  The horns keep growing throughout the animal’s life.

Since cattle can use their horns as weapons, they are sometimes dehorned to make them safer for cattlemen to handle.  The cattle are also less likely to injure each other.  Some breeds do not grow horns.  Cattle born without horns, or whose horns are removed, and called “polled” cattle. – Dick Rogers

Where does the electric eel get its electricity?

An electric eel gives off electricity from special battery-like organs inside its body.

The electric eel that lives in the rivers of South America has a very unusual weapon.  It can turn on a powerful electric current at will.  It make its electricity with special electric organs inside its body.

These electric batteries are powerful enough to light a neon sign and strong enough to knock out an animal as large as a horse!

An enemy first that swims too near may receive a paralyzing shock from these living electric batteries.

The electric eel uses its shocking organs to stun small fishes and frogs it eats, as well as to defend itself.  The electric ray, or torpedo found in warm seas is another well-known electric fish.

Electric Eel

The batteries of the electric ray are on the sides of the fish’s head.  They are much like the batteries of the electric eel.

The electric catfish, which grows to be about three feet long, is found in the river of Africa.

Its electric power is used up after a number of short shocks.  Then it must eat and rest before it can shock again. – Dick Rogers

What does a walrus use its tusks for?

A walrus is a large seallike animal that lives in the cold North, near the edge of the polar ice.

A walrus can be most easily recognized by its white, daggerlike tusks that never


stop growing.  The tusks are really two overgrown teeth that curve downward from the mustached upper tip.

Some walruses have tusks three feet long.

Walruses feed on clams and other shellfish which they rake from the sandy ocean floor with their long tusks.  They crack the shells with their strong back teeth.

The tusks also make good weapons against polar bears enemies of the walrus, or as grappling hooks to help the bulky walrus pull itself over the slippery ice.

Walruses prefer to spend much of their time sunning themselves while drifting about on pack ice.

A thick layer of oily fat, or blubber, beneath its wrinkled skin helps protect the walrus from the freezing cold. – Dick Rogers


What Is a cassowary?


The cassowary is a large, odd-looking bird that lives in the thick forest of Australia and New Guinea.  A fully grown cassowary may be five feet tall and weigh two pounds or more.

Like the African relative the ostrich, the cassowary cannot fly.  All that remains of its flight feathers are a few spiny quilts, but it can sprint at speeds of at nearly 40 miles per hour for its long powerful legs, when it danger.

A bony helmet on its featherless head  helps it butt through the heavy underbrush.  Tough bristle like feathers that cover it body serve as a form of armor as it crashes headlong the forest.

A threatened cassowary can be a dangerous foe.  All three of the toes on each foot are armed with knife-sharp claws which can be a deadly weapon in a flight.  Usually, these shy birds are  heard more often than soon in their dense forest home.  They call by snorting and bellowing. – Dick Rogers

What does the Sawfish use its saw for?


The sawfish uses its saw like snout mainly to attack other fish to catch its food.

A sawfish looks like a big shark with a long, flat, saw like snout.

The “saw” of an adult sawfish is often 5 feet long, and is armed with sharp feet.  The sawfish uses its saw like snout mainly to catch it’s prey.

To get food, it attacks whole schools of fish, slashing left and right with its fearful weapon as it goes.  It then feasts upon the victims at its leisure.

The sawfish also uses its toothy snout to defend itself against strong enemies.

And the saw can also be used as a shovel for digging up shellfish and other food in the muddy sea bottom.

Because of its wicked snout, the sawfish is one of the most dangerous of all sea fish.  Even very young sawfish are dangerous.

Another interesting fish, also named after its long beak, is the swordfish.  The swordfish used its sword in much the same manner as the sawfish uses it saw. – Dick Rogers