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What is an ermine?

Short Tailed Weasel

An ermine is really a short tailed weasel whose brown summer coat has turned white in the winter.

An ermine is really a kind or weasel whose brown fur has turned white in the winter.  It is called an “ermine” only when its fur is white.

Weasels live in many parts of the world.  But only in such cold northlands as Canada and Siberia can you find weasels that turn into ermine.

This foot-long animal, known as the short-tailed weasel, has a long, slender body and short legs.

In summer, the weasel wears a coat of silky brown fur, in the autumns; its brown hairs are gradually replaced by new white ones.

By winter the short-tailed weasel has become a spotless white ermine, with a coat black tip on its tail.

Just the opposite happens in the spring, and the animal is once again a brown, short-tailed weasel.  The result is a year-round camouflage.

Ermine is sometimes called “royal” fur.  At one time in England, only royalty was allowed to wear this valuable fur.  When used by royalty, ermine fur is called “miniver.” – Dick Rogers

What is a wolverine?

The wolverine is the largest member of the weasel family, weighing up to thirty pounds.  With its dark, shaggy hair and short bushy tail, the wolverine looks something like a small bear.  It lives in northern forests.

It has a skunk-like scent for defense and is sometimes called a “skunk bear.”


For its size, the wolverine is unequaled in appetite and craftiness, and is the trapper’s worst enemy.

During the winter, the wolverine follows the trapper’s footsteps and skillfully steals the bait from the traps set for more valuable animals, or eats the animals caught in the trap.

The wolverine not only robs the trapper of his bait and catch, but may even sneak into the trapper’s cabin, eat his food and steal anything in sight, including rifles, axes, dishes, even blankets, all of which it carries away and buries.

It repays his “host” by leaving the cabin uninhabitable by its foul smell.

Because they have been hunted ruthlessly, wolverines have become rare in North America and are seldom seen enough of Canada today. – Dick Rogers


What is an ermine?

An ermine is really a short-tailed weasel.

In summer, its coat is brown in color.  In winter, the ermine is entirely white, except for the tip of its tail, which is black.

The animal is called an “ermine” only when its fur is white.


When its coat is brown, it is called a “stoat,” or short-tailed weasel.

The ermine has a long, slim body.  A full-grown ermine may be only 1 foot long.

Scientist are not really sure what makes the ermine’s fur turn white in winter and dark in summer.

Its color helps it to hide from enemies.  The white fur is almost invisible against the snow in the cold country where it lives.

At one time in England, ermine was considered “royal” fur.  Only the king and queen and other members of the royal family were allowed to wear this valuable fur.

When used as an emblem of royalty or government, ermine fur is called “miniver.” – Dick Rogers