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Is the bald eagle really bald?

Bald Eagle

Despite its name, the bald eagles not bald.  Its head is covered with white feathers.  The eagle’s tail is also white, but the rest of its feathers are dark brown.  One idea of how the bald eagle got its name is that its snowy white head makes it appear bald when viewed from a distance.

The fact is that this North America eagle was named at a time when the word “bald” meant “white.” Early colonists called this bird “bald-headed” meaning that it was white-headed.  Only adult birds have white heads.  Young bald eagles are brown all over. – Dick Rogers

Why are dalmatians called fire dogs?


The Dalmatian has been traditionally the pet of firemen, and was once kept as a companion to race alone with the horse-drawn fire engines. 

The Dalmatian is a large, white-spotted dog that looks a pointer.  Dalmatian are popularly known as fire dogs and are often found today as pets of firemen at fire station. 

Another  name for the Dalmatian is the coach dog.  These dogs were once used to run along with horse-drawn coaches to protect them from highwaymen.  At the end of the journey they stood guard over the coach. 

When early-time firemen began  using horses to pull their fire engines, they adopted the Dalmatian as a companion to run along with fire horses. 

Later, when fire engines became motorized, the Dalmatian was still kept as a mascot.  Dalmatian aren’t born with a spots.  Dalmatian puppies are pure white when they are born.  The black or brown spots appear after about three weeks. 

Dalmatian were named for Dalmatia, in Yugoslavia, where they were ones raised as watchdogs. – Dick Rogers