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Can dogs see colors?


Our world about us is so filled with color that it is hard to believe that dogs cannot see colors, at least by human standards.  What dogs probably do see is the world in black and white and many shades of gray—much like what you see when you watch a color television program on an ordinary black-and-white TV screen.

Cats, mice, horses and cattle cannot tell one color from another, and neither can deer or most other wild animals active at night.  During the evening, when the world is a shadowy, colorless place, the ability to see colors is not important for survival. – Dick Rogers

Which are the largest bears?

Bears are large, powerful animals with thick, shaggy fur.  They are among the favorite performers in circuses and zoos.

The bear family includes some pretty big bears.

A lion, for example, may weigh as much as 450 pounds.  But a good-sized grizzly bear or polar bear may weigh 750 to 1,000 pounds!


The biggest of all bears are the big Alaskan brown bears and Kodiak bears found in Alaska and on Kodiak Island off the coast of Alaska.

Some of these giants may weigh more than 1,500 pounds and may be over nine feet tall when standing on their hind feet.

Bears look clumsy because they walk with a peculiar, shuffling gait, but are not nearly as slow as they look.  They can run faster than any human runner.

Most bears are usually peaceful animals, and run from danger.

But all bears are short-tempered and dangerous, and even friendly, tamed bears cannot always be trusted.

In fact, the grizzly bear is considered by many to be the most dangerous of all North American wild animals. – Dick Rogers